Geoff has carefully selected these 9 videos—nearly 6.5 hours—that give the what, why, and how of permaculture. If you’re a complete beginner, Geoff will take you by the hand and start from square one. And if you’re a seasoned permie, there is more than enough to keep things interesting—including some never-before-released footage.

The Easiest Way to Start Your Permaculture Journey

Geoff’s early days with Bill Mollison, the founder of permaculture. Origin of the term, and a brief tour of life at Zaytuna Farm.

Why Permaculture: First Steps

Video 1

Hand-picked Presentations Perfect for Beginners and Experts Alike

In one hour, Geoff unlocks Bill Mollison’s definitive, “Permaculture Design Manual,” in a way that is insightful and at times surprising.

Mollison’s Manual in a Nutshell

Video 2
Video 3
The 72 hour Permaculture Design Course is the heart of it all; here, Geoff teaches the first day of a PDC in San Diego.

Permaculture Design Course, Day # 1

Building on the principles summarized from Mollison’s PDM, Geoff shows how to “magically” read the landscape around us.

X-Ray Vision? PC and Reading the Landscape

Video 4
Near the Dead Sea, Geoff, Nadia and their team used PC to turn desert into a self-sustained farm and community center.

Greening the Desert, The Sequel

Video 5
NEVER BEFORE SEEN mini-film completed in 2016 that shows the Greening the Desert site thriving.

Greening the Desert - UPDATED

Video 6

What’s Inside

Does this cost anything?
No, the videos are yours to view and enjoy, 100% free


Frequently Asked Questions






What’s the catch?
There is none. Geoff has been teaching for over 30 years and is now in his early 60s. His mission is to fill the world with smart, kind-hearted people who love and practice permaculture.
Okay, I know that much. But what makes this series useful?
There is an incredible amount of information online about permaculture, but it’s not always clear where to start. Here, Geoff takes you by the hand with an overview before diving into the details. The videos are step-by-step. By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready for the full PDC course.
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By the time you complete these videos, you’ll be able to answer the following questions … and many, many more…

  • What does it mean that permaculture goes beyond “carbon neutral” and organic farming?
  • Which section of Bill Mollison’s book should be read first? (Hint: It’s NOT Chapter 1)
  • Which chapter is the glue that holds the rest of the book together?
  • Why are natural patterns such a critical part of understanding permaculture?
  • How does understanding permaculture principles help us understand climate change?
  • How do earthworks provide “free energy”, and persist on their own?
  • What is the fastest-growing leaf crop in the world? (Hint: It’s not land-based!)
  • What was the most productive ecosystem ever devised? And what was its key component? (Hint: It’s not soil)
  • Weaving it all together: Pattern, Weather, Trees, Energy Transactions, Water, and more…
  • What does permaculture say about community and local empowerment? (fear-mongering politicians beware!)
  • How being a “mixed up mob” is a strength, not a weakness.
  • How do structures that look intentional and man-made develop, seemingly, on their own?
  • What do Google Earth and satellite images reveal about how permaculture works in the real world?
  • “The problem is the solution” - what specifically does this mean? What are examples of this?
  • What is the very first thing Geoff looks for when he scans new, undeveloped property?
  • Jordan’s city of Petra was named one of the new ‘7 Wonders of the World” - what did Geoff’s team do a few dozen miles away that (arguably) rivals Petra’s claim?
  • What is the Big Pumpkin Fallacy?
  • What were some civil engineers concerned about in discussions with Geoff; and were their concerns realistic?
  • Fact or fiction: 11-story-high mud-brick homes that last a thousand years?
  • Geoff’s advice: Master the basic permaculture principles because they will serve you will - DO NOT RUSH.
  • Before you start a project, what pictures must you absolutely take?
  • What role can a “simple farmer” (well-versed in permaculture) play in a $22 BILLION project?
I don’t know ANYTHING about permaculture. Is this right for me?
Even if you think (but don’t dare to admit) that when you hear “permaculture” you think “hairstyle”, this video series is *definitely* for you.



I know some things about permaculture, but would like a nice framework to make sense of it all. Does this do that?
That’s exactly what we set out to do, so we certainly hope so. If you don’t feel that way after viewing the presentations, drop us a note and we’ll do our best to provide you with what you need.



I’ve been doing permaculture for years now and am beyond the basics. Will I find value in this material?
These presentations were curated for beginners and experts alike. Some of the material you’ll find familiar, some will feel like a revelation. And some of the material has never before been released to the public.



The problems we face are grave; can permaculture create a tipping point?

Apocalypse, or Abundance?

Video 7
How much can happen using PC principles in 10 short years Even less? See for yourself…

Off the Grid: Geoff and Nadia's Farm

Video 8
A second, more extensive walk through of Zaytuna Farm. Includes time-lapse video, intern work, and a special little guest.

Thriving: Farm Tour, Part 2

Video 9


What exactly will I get?
9 hand-picked videos totalling over 6.5 hours of the how, what, and why of permaculture. You’ll get an overview of what the fuss is all about, then see examples of permaculture in action, and finally witness the results that have turned so many permaculture newbies into permaculture enthusiasts, practitioners, and teachers.


So what happens after I sign up?
You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access all 3 parts of the video series. The first 3 videos give you an overview of permaculture. The next part, (“Permaculture in Action") contains 3 more videos. The 3rd part, you’ll see the results of permaculture design, and the role it can play in your / our future.



What do I do next?
If this sounds like a good fit for you, sign up for free access using the short form at the top of the page. See you inside!






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