The Easiest Way to Start (or Deepen) Your Permaculture Journey

The Permaculture Circle is my curated collection of 70+ videos, animations, PDFs and other permaculture resources. More importantly, it’s a 24/7 online community for thousands of permaculture enthusiasts, beginners, and everyone in between.

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Memory lane: Lessons with Bill Mollison

These short clips are personal reflections of my time with Bill Mollison -- my mentor, “Father of Permaculture,” and dear friend -- and the many, many things I learned from him. And seemingly, still learning...

More than a dozen select resources from my new Online PDC course, including blackboard-style teaching, insightful animations, and detailed PDFs. If you’ve ever had even an inkling of curiosity about what a PDC is, welcome home.

Online PDC: Featured Content

Updates about worldwide projects I'm privileged to help with: here in Australia, Greening the Desert 2 in Jordan, the ambitious first-of-its-kind project in Malaysia, and more. For active consultants, you’ll want to bookmark this section.

Consults and Projects: Insights Gleaned

1000 mile journey?

This is the first step…

A collection of thought-provoking questions posed to me by students and practitioners of permaculture, and my attempts at providing a helpful answer. This is a “live” section, that will continually feature additional questions asked

A potpourri collection of various topics: Farm tours, earthships, property purchase guides, and more. Another live section of TPC, as new videos will often be put here, including many upcoming Friday Five clips.

6.5 hours of content that gives you the what, why, and how of permaculture. If you’re a complete beginner, we’ll start from square one. And if you’re a seasoned permie, there is more than enough to keep things interesting.

Selected Q&As from the Community

Other Videos & Resources

9 Part Permaculture Quick Start Series




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